Friday, 3 November 2017

Do Like Chatbots?

Probably the most popular of them these days is called Alice - created by Richard Wallace. Alice uses AIML - a markup language designed specifically for designing chat Bot Messenger. Alice has been the competitor and winner in the Turning test many times. The Turing Test is a chat bot competition that pits Chat Bot Messenger against real humans. The trick is to fool the human to think he is talking to a real person. Although many creators win each year there is a consensus that there has not been one of them created yet that can actually fool a human being for very long. This is soon to change however with the never ending progress to create better artificial intelligence.

They are everywhere. Companies use them on their websites to promote their products. There are even virtual girlfriends these days for the lonely of heart who seek to create virtual relationships with cute avatars.

Why are they so important? They will eventually be needed to run in androids and robots. We all dream of the day when our android can speak to use about any topic we dream about. Creating smart androids and robots who can speak clearly is important and chat bots are the seed from which they will be created. So you see, they are very important to the future. Whoever can create the smartest and most fluid speaking bot will have created a stepping stone toward the future.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Honor and Dignity of Human Beings in Islam

A man who lives his life of honesty and strives for a better character and is the trustee of his letters is the man who gets a life of honor and dignity. Character building is everything to accomplish life and hereafter goals. There is no person to be exempted having a bad attitude for others or making someone’s life miserable with his harsh and unjustified behavior.

A man is responsible for his actions, words, and character every moment of his life. Whole life of a mankind is supposed to be in the service of Allah the almighty. On the final day you will be asked about your responsibilities which you were supposed to fulfill.  This is the real owner when you know your values and following them with pure intentions.

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Mankind is differentiated from other creations of Allah because of his wisdom. He is in the world to be tested upon his affection towards Allah. There is no other way that one can achieve the honor and dignity when one has already got the highest rank among all other creations. To live a life of dignity, you only need to follow basic values and ethics of Islam. Islam is the religion which provides you complete guidance on the matters of life. God has his own way of divisions, he never grants anything without any reason. To understand life makes sure that you are satisfied with his division.
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Sealed and Hardened Heart

Being slaves of your desires, people always commit sins and this thing will never end until the world comes to an end. Continuous series of sins without feeling guilty or repenting seals one’s heart and no softness is left behind. Sealing of heart directly affects to your soul, it lost its functionality of detecting about right and wrong deeds.
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Soon you realize your sin or mistake, approach to the door of Allah and ask for forgiveness. There is always a little hope when you are able to figure out your mistake. Everyone should develop a sense of realization because that only sense can open the eyes of heart. So, don’t let your heart get hard, have some soft emotions inside you, feel the healthy air around you. Stay optimistic and you will conquer many hearts. And living in the heart is the real art one can possess; you can be the most successful person. You can be anything you want to but the only thing that satisfies your heart and soul is the kindness that lies within you.

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Your heart is your true representative in front of Allah, so keep it pure with all good intentions. Try to do good deeds and move forward; give yourself more chances to be forgiven by Allah the Almighty. There are many ways to ask for forgiveness only requirement is sincerity.

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Individual’s moral charisma

Common human attributes combine and define his/her moral character. A person who is diligent and knows worth of moral values will succeed one day in his mission of life. On the contrary a person who is firm in pursuing his plans but possess no moral values will go to the higher ranks but will eventually fall. Life is all about your attitude, how you treat yourself and others around is the most important thing one should know.
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Loyalty is no more witnessed in the society, either it is about your personal relations or you are dealing them for any other purpose. People always carry hidden intentions displaying a sharp smile on their face. These kinds of attitudes build up a relationship for a moment. According to the teachings of Islam, human beings are tending to choose their own journey between rightfulness and falsehood. You always have two ways of life, either you can suffer in the beginning but ultimately will get through the hardships hitting a marvelous success or choose a fascinating way which will lead you nowhere.

People take your life as an inspiration because you fought for yourself and meanwhile you were also representing all others in the world who has been struggling hard to achieve their goals. This is the moral charisma one can possess, you lead the world by leading the hearts, and you convey the message of those who are unable to pass it on.  These personalities will always attract you but make sure that you have to live your journey on your own terms. They had done it because they were determined and were not so blindly inspired by someone. So, in order to lead the hearts learn build up a right character.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Divine judgment and human assessment

"The judgment is only Allah's; He relates the truth and He is the best of deciders". [6:57]
Nowadays decisions are made on the basis of social media campaigns. Without learning ground facts about any situation or scenario, we reach to the conclusion and extremists benefits from our response. According to the verse mentioned above, it is clearly said that only Allah the Almighty has a right to judge as he knows the truth. Being a follower of Prophet (PBUH), it’s our duty to confirm all sides of the situation then react. Sometimes truth is framed in a way that it seems a complete lie. When we spend money we go through every little point like you want to book Best Umrah Packages through Al Hijaz Tours, you will definitely want guarantee about the services. Then why can’t we think twice while sharing our thoughts with someone or about someone.  We should know that Allah is the creator and knows everything; human thoughts are merely one sided explanation and are not enough to reach on any judgments. Before you call someone non-Muslim judging him on a single act, should know about his intentions which you will never able to know. 
Why no second thought hits our minds before judging someone on the basis of one side story. Leave this on Allah as he knows the truth and will decide because he is not dependent on your judgments or statements. In case you are genuinely concerned about the problem and wants to sort the matter then research about it before coming up to any solution. Just make sure that you find a better idea to solve the matter rather than dragging it completely towards a wrong direction.  That can have very dangerous consequences for the society, one thing to keep in mind id that situations aren’t real, there is always another perspective of it. There are some real issues in the world which need your attention more than anything. 
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Buying a Hover Board

An original hover board is one having premium components and circuits that gives you safe journey and use. We use solid and good quality battery that prevents from fire catching and overheating. We give you the product having quality control panels which check and balance the efficiency unlike 5he others we have legal and qualified workers and engineers that ensures you to meet the international level. A standard hoverboard for sale use quality battery of Samsung, LG, Panasonic or SANYO. Boards with non-branded batteries gives you more hazardous journey and risk of accident. Simply we gives you a friendly advice of buying a hover board after a detailed research. Do not go with the cheap as it gives you the temporary relief.